Matt Malone and Y97.5 Turkey shotgun sight in. Video from the event.

We Hosted Matt Malone and Y97.5 for the production of the Turkey Gun sight in. 

Matt Malone’s Sportsman’s Tour


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Y97.5 Live Remote Turkey Dinner May 20, 2017 6PM -9PM

This is part of a Podcast by Matt Malone about purchasing and sighting in a shotgun and going to hunt turkeys.

Buy your tickets from Y97.5  or any CRGC Board Member or at any Club Event!

See below for an example ticket. 

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Easter Egg Hunt photos 


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Pistol Range Information

Only straight wall cartridge pistols shall be used on the pistol range. This means no rifle caliber cartridges all of these must be used on the rifle range. Note if the pistol is for example a .357 sig or 7.62×25 caliber that is fired from a typical handgun with a 7 inch or smaller barrel length it may be used on the pistol range.

The pistol range is open dawn to dusk for members and their guests. NOTE guests are requested to put 5.00 in the range fund lock box on the rifle range and are the responsibility of the member while on the property.

Examples of a typical handgun and a typical rifle caliber pistol for the purpose of the above rule. NOTE AR and AK pistols are examples of pistols that must be used on the rifle range.

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Info on Rifle Range

Any type of rifle is allowed for use on the rifle range provided that the person is legally allowed to own the weapon. No fully automatic firearms period.

Berm distance for farthest berms are 200 and 300 yards. You may bring your own steel targets but they must be removed again when you vacate the premises. No use of glass bottles, bowling pins, etc are to be used as targets.

The times of the range are from Dawn till Dusk for paid members. Guest may accompany a paid member for a day use fee of $5.00 per person to be placed in the range box under the Honor System.

Club is only staffed on Sundays for Breakfast from 8 am – 12 pm and Thursday evenings for Trap from 6 pm till finished.

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