Rifle Range
Coloma Rod and Gun Club
offers a great range, currently with berms from 50 yards to 300 yards. The club supplies target stands and backers for our members convenience. Members are required to supply their own staple on or stick on targets! Targets are to be placed on blue backer boards not on up right (vertical) post. Also no ground level targets are allowed! However steels may be used at or beyond the 100 yard berm and must be backed up by a berm. All rifle calibers may be used except for 50 bmg’s and full autos or any weapon modified to simulate full auto! Guest are allowed for two trips a year for a 5 dollar donation to the range per visit. Donation box is supplied!

Hearing and eye protection are required on all ranges per the SOP (available on the ‘How To Join’ page).

Tannerite also known as contact or binary explosive are not allowed on the property.

Pistol Range
Coloma Rod and Gun Club
also offers a 12 yard, 6 bay outdoor pistol range. Target stand and backers are provided for your convenience. Members must provide their own stapled or stick on targets. No steel targets are allowed on the pistol range for any reason. Calibers allowed – NOTE: if the pistol is for 22 to 50 caliber, no taper rifle cartridges. Example: a .357 sig or 7.62×25 caliber that is fired from a typical handgun with a 7 inch or smaller barrel length it may be used on the pistol range.

The pistol range is open dawn to dusk for members and their guests. NOTE: guests are requested to put 5.00 in the range fund lock box on the rifle range and are the responsibility of the member while on the property.

Examples of a typical handgun and a typical rifle caliber pistol for the purpose of the above rule. NOTE AR and AK pistols are examples of pistols that must be used on the rifle range. Hearing and eye protection are required on all ranges per the SOP (available on the ‘How To Join’ page).

Trap Range
Come out and Shoot! The Trap Range is open to the public Thursdays from 6:00 PM till games are finished, Sundays 10:00 AM till everyone is done! $5.00 per round for members, $6.00 for non-members, 16 and under $3.00 per round.

We have two trap ranges, maximum shot size allowed is 7 1/2. Hearing and eye protection are required on all ranges per the SOP.

3D Archery Course
Come and enjoy Coloma Rod and Gun Club’s 30 target 3D Archery Course. This is the best course around, with 3D targets, open field targets, and a walkable wooded trail.

There is a practice range available. Course opens the first Sunday in May and closes the end of October.

Members $7.00
Non-Members $8.00
Youth 16 and under $4.00

Breakfast Sunday Mornings
The Coloma Rod and Gun Club has breakfast every Sunday (except designated holidays) please check Fakebook for Closures. We are open from 8 to noon.

Breakfast Menu